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10 Fun Sober Group Activities to Aid in Recovery

recovery games for groups

It is incredibly useful with clients who have attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder or autism spectrum traits, and older clients with cognitive difficulties (Hill, 2016). These detailed, science-based exercises will equip you or your clients with tools to find new pathways to reduce suffering and more effectively cope with life stressors. In this family favorite even with young children, each player rolls a die and moves their piece to see if they go up a ladder or down a slide.

  • Members can take turns sharing the memory and how it affects them today.
  • This gives the Counselor leading the group an opportunity to tailor the group activities to the current concerns of the group members.
  • While games typically involve some degree of contest between players, play is often unrestricted and unstructured.
  • Many mindful body scans are available through guided meditation apps or online.

Playing CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy)

It can be used for dealing with a variety of issues including grief, trauma, divorce, anger management and mental health disorders. It is commonly used in a rehabilitation environment to help addicts come to terms what are some ideas for substance abuse group activities? with their addiction and explore its origins. Games are great, but as everyone knows, addiction isn’t a game, so if you’re ready to reclaim your life, contact Steps Recovery Center and let us help you today.

Fun Sober Activities

Ask them to be aware of the sensations in their foot, ankle, legs, and entire body as they attempt to remain balanced. Ask them to notice any trembling or shaking and to pay attention to the thoughts or possibly fears that come up. After a few minutes, end the exercise and allow everyone to share their experience. Mindful body scans are a great, simple practice for coming back into awareness of the body. They are typically performed while sitting or lying down and can be followed through a guided meditation or on your own.

Dual Diagnosis: Mental Health and Addiction Treatment?

A 6-page worksheet for describing problem areas, identifying goals, and exploring what has (and has not) been helpful in the past. This worksheet can be used to develop a collaborative treatment plan. A 3-page worksheet for developing a colorful self-care “map” to explore patterns and identify new practices.

What is a CBT Activity?

recovery games for groups

Let’s take a look at some games that we think are fun, educational, and beneficial to anyone in recovery. This game is great for mindfulness and can be done with a chocolate chip or any other small food item. Have each person hold the chocolate chip in their hands and go through their senses as a group. Have them hold it in their hand and consider how it feels and its weight, and then see it and analyze it with their eyes, then smell it, and so on. Once you get to taste, they can eat it and find the intention to swallow. With a package of cheap, simple Halloween masks, or even masks cut from construction paper, you can offer a great activity to foster deep conversation.

  • You don’t have to go far to hear someone extolling the virtues of yoga, meditation, and other relaxation techniques.
  • Members of the group will each get an index card with a topic on it (any random topic will do).
  • Our substance abuse therapy activities give participants a new fun way of learning about addiction and developing the skills they need to maintain their sobriety long after treatment has ended.
  • The benefits of these sober activities exist well outside the realm of esoteric relaxation.
  • They are expected to be present and engaged in the group sessions.

How does Two Dreams use group therapy in addiction treatment?

You may not know or recall how to live a life that does not include drug or alcohol use. Participating in fun sober activities allows you to have a rich, full life and fills up the time that used to be spent feeding your addiction. The game cards present the players with situations where the characters are around drugs and alcohol.

  • Our article on Self-Esteem Therapy provides more ideas to improve self-esteem and growth activities that can be applied to both individual and group therapy sessions.
  • A shared bucket list that includes spaces to write in when an item was added to the list and when it was completed.
  • A 1-page worksheet for identifying things to be grateful for in different life areas.
  • That’s why most addiction treatment centers offer support groups and group therapy.
  • The prompts include questions about values, potential, expectations, and more.

recovery games for groups

Balloon Play

recovery games for groups

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